Elite Sports

Elite Sports is a sports marketing, media and event management company. We are based in Maykop, Republic of Adygea - Russian Federation.
Also we have a branch in Portugal.
Our clients and partners play a pivotal role. Their needs and desires
are our number one priority. We aim to create awareness for sport in an
inspiring and spectacular way. 
Our team works in partnership with you to leverage your sports
sponsorships with critical on-site hospitality programs and special
events - all customized with your marketing objectives and brand image
in mind. We understand the importance of creating brand awareness and
increasing brand loyalty, while integrating your products, services, and
brand throughout an event. Because events and sponsorships are budget
driven as much as market driven, we aggressively monitor financial
management to protect all aspects of our clients’ budgets.

Our Key Global Sports Event Management Services Include:

- Event management: planning, marketing, advertising & execution for all sports events.
- Corporate hospitality program design, implementation & management.
- TV Production: Provide a television broadcast on high standards for all sport events.
- Sponsorship.
- Organizational Consulting.
- Transportation management.
- Preparation of development programs Sports Federations.
- Fifa player agent.
- Fifa match agent.
- Creative services, including graphic design, production & decor.
- Concert & entertainment production.
- Athlete & celebrity appearance coordination.
- Leisure activity & tour coordination.

Elite Sports - Portugal

Manage all aspects of your event from course design, traffic management, marketing, risk assessment, data capture, event budget, event build up and take down, on the day management, volunteer management and equipment supplier.
We give, to sports rights holders, a winning commercial strategies, utilizing traditional and digital media to produce an unforgettable event, maximizing coverage to achieve the best possible promotion, achieving effective communication platforms, and achieve broadcast partners, sponsors, and advertising - ensuring financial stability and developing long-term business relationships.
  • Accommodation in Apartments twin or single, with free internet.
  • Full board: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner open buffet, including drinks.
  • Exclusive use of the natural Football pitch (FIFA Full Size Grass).
  • Meeting room with a whiteboard, projector and screen in the Hotel or in the Sports Complex.
  • Free use of the gymnasium.
  • Equipment storage room with massage room.
  • Service mini-bus to / from the stadium between 08h00 and 20h00.
  • Laundry services of kit/player/day during all the stay.
  • Upgrade room for the coach and sports director.
  • A tourist guide on time whole, it will accompany yours team starting from the moment that you arrive at the airport until that leave of the country. He will be fluent English, besides being owner of a good knowledge on Portugal and his culture and in matter on Portuguese football.
  • Four Friendly matches, with Portuguese professional teams.
  • Provide all information’s about the opponents in friendly matches as: Tactical system, best players, coach profile, results in this season and all others required.
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  • Team Outreach & Placement (Domestic and International)
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Contract Advising
  • Training and Nutrition
  • Public Relations Training
  • Legal Service
  • Business Advisement
  • Athlete Branding
  • Logo, Website, Apparel
  • Social Media Management
  • Sponsorships & Endorsements
  • Licensing
We can help introduce persons or business that are seeking investment or seeking to make an investment to their counterparts on the other side of any potential transaction.
We can then overlay the depth of our industry, commercial and financial knowledge, in the implementation of business and operational plans or restructures, to help deliver for our clients.
Football continues to be a major growth industry, albeit one that has undergone a number of significant changes in how it is financed, operated and how its commercial opportunities are exploited.
The particular areas we focus on are:
  • Clubs – investment and takeovers.
  • Media Rights – helping put together deals either for specific events or for particular competitions over a longer period.
  • Football businesses – whether new or established businesses, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to help bring new ideas and services to the market or to grow and expand existing companies.
  • Real Estate Investments (sport and leisure facilities).

Olympic Champion Making

Elite Group and SportAnalytik

Elite Group is representing SportAnalytik in the following countries:
Russian Federation
Sultanate of Oman
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The United Arab Emirates


SportAnalytik is a program designed for children aged 5-16, using nine simple test to identify their physical skills and recommend them the right sport. During the half-day sport event, children take part in nine entertaining sport test to reveal their somatotype, sport dispositions and strengths like coordination, speed, power, endurance or tactical skills.

We make an individual assessment for each child and then compare them with individual sports requirements. As a result, we identify the sport talent of each child and we provide him/her with a tailored made reports with suitable sports (including contacts to sport teams and clubs in the surroundings).