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Elite Sports is a company specialized in organizing and marketing for sport events in Asia, Africa and Europe for more than 10 years.
Elite Sports Russia
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Elite Sport

Sport Camps in Russia

Elite Group can offer a full and professional training camps for all sports in the best and most advanced facilities and sport academies in Russian Federation

Soccer, Basketball, Swimming.. 

Olympic Champion Making

Elite Group representing SportAnalytik as a business partner in the Middle East and Russia by their Worldwide program HELPING CHILDREN to discover their physical strengths and fall IN LOVE with SPORT
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Tourism & Medical Tourism

Translation & Localization

Elite Tours can provide an excellent Medical Tourism services in Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and more... With Elite Tours you can do both tourism and medical treatment or even Cosmetic surgeries in the best tourism and midecal resorts in our network.
Elite Trans is a leading company in our group specialized in localization and translation services, it will adapt the product and content from English to the Arabic and Russian languages. This includes translating the product and any information related to it into these languages. Whether it is software, user guide, help file, website, brochure, fact sheet, or any type of content..
Elite Group offering students services to foreign students to study or continue their study in the best Russian universities...
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Real Estate Services
Elite Real Estate is investing in real estate and shares trade on a public exchange. A real estate operating company (REOC).
Exhibitions Marketing and Organizing
Elite provides organizing and marketing for your products in the most strongest Russian exhibitions.
Mission & Vision
Our Mission: 
To be number one in the region providing the best public services through our diverse companies activities and partners around the world.

Our Vision: 
A highly capable public service group characterised by a culture of integrity, trust, service and accountability.
Food Wholesales
With the fresh Iranian and Egyptian Fruits & Vegetables, Elite can provide the best quality and price to import to the Russian markets..
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